Please review our frequently asked questions and don't hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions.

What is Enrichment Daycare?

Enrichment Daycare is a fun‐filled day where your dog gets to rotate through multiple activity sessions for a full day of mental and physical stimulation along with rest periods! Our Enrichment Program instills positive behaviors, confidence, and good manners through games that reward obedience and focus, including fun agility courses, rally games, nose work, puzzles, training games, and more. Enrichment sessions include small groups of perfectly matched playmates so our team members can engage more thoroughly with the dogs in the group. Some dogs may prefer one-on-one with a team member!

This is a highly customized daycare program and allows us to personally meet the needs of your individual pup and is perfect for dogs who are playful, energetic, and love smaller groups with more individualized attention.

What is the difference between Enrichment Daycare and Classic Daycare?

In Classic Daycare, dogs play in groups of up to 20 other dogs and are monitored by our trained pet care team. This option is great for dogs who get along well with others in a larger group setting. Enrichment Daycare is perfect for dogs who prefer playing in a smaller group of dogs or with toys and games.

How old does my dog have to be to attend?

Your dog needs to be at least 4 months old and be 28 days past its Rabies vaccine to ensure that she has begun to build an immune system conducive to interacting in a social environment. Other vaccinations we require are Bordetella, Distemper, and a negative Fecal test.

How do I get my dog set up for daycare or boarding?

Give us a call or stop in for a tour! We need basic information about you, including your contact information and your vet's name, and we want to learn all about your dog. Once we confirm that your dog is up to date on all her vaccinations, you can schedule your daycare assessment, which includes a full day of daycare for FREE!

Do I bring my own dog food?

We encourage you to bring your own food to maintain consistency in your pet's diet. Pre-portion the food into individual baggies and place those within one bigger bag, labeled with your pet’s name. If you forget food or if it runs out during a lodging stay, we will serve our premium house food, according to your instructions.

Can I bring my own dog bedding or chew toys?

It's not necessary, since we have everything here your pup could possibly need, however you are welcome to bring items from home. Please keep in mind we do not allow rawhides or rope toys for safety reasons. We also ask that you not bring anything of significant value since we cannot guarantee we will be able to return items in the same condition, but we'll do our best!

Can you administer medication?

Yes we can. All medications must be packed in accordance with North Carolina state law. Medication should be kept in its original container and labeled with:

  • Name
  • Dosage
  • Condition being treated

How do you know if the dogs will get along with each other?

Each dog participates in a comprehensive assessment during their first day of daycare. The dog is introduced slowly, to a few dogs at a time, as our team observes each dog's body language, behavior, and play style. This allows us to safely separate playgroups and make the best recommendation for the type of daycare experience that will be best for each dog. At the end of this assessment, we will discuss with you whether we recommend Enrichment Daycare or Classic Daycare.

Do the dogs have plenty of access to water?

All dogs have access to water at all times. Fresh water is available to them in each Play Zone and in in their accommodations during naptime and overnight. Water bowls are sanitized and disinfected with high heat in a dishwasher every day.

Do all the dogs play together in one big group?

We have multiple playgroups that include large group, small group, and one‐on‐one activity sessions. Little dogs have their own separate space. Medium and large dogs are divided into groups based on their size and temperament. The Enrichment groups are also in separate yards. All play groups are monitored by our highly trained pet care team at all times.

Will my pup be put in to large group or small group play?

Each dog has their own personality and comes from a unique background, just like us! For that reason, we have designed several programs to cater to the needs of most dogs. Many dogs prefer to play in the smaller playgroups that our Enrichment program provides. Our pet care team will assess your dog in Enrichment Daycare and the larger groups in Classic Daycare to see what your pup likes best! If your dog prefers one-on-one attention, she will enjoy private playtime with one of our team members! We also offer multiple boarding packages that include fun activities and relaxing amenities. While every effort will be made to socialize a dog, safety is always our number one priority and we will do what we can to work with parents to create a plan that is best for each dog.

Does a staff member physically stay in the facility overnight?

We have separate security and fire monitoring systems with live, 24-7 monitoring and dispatch that protects your pups overnight. If an emergency arises, police and fire department are at the facility in minutes and a team member is on call at all times.

My dog gets nervous when they stay away from home. What do you offer that can help with that?

Because you get to choose the boarding package with playtime that is perfect your pup, most dogs are ready for bed when it’s time to say good night. However, for dogs who enjoy a little extra TLC, we offer many options including a luxurious Lavender Essential Oil treatment on her bedding, delicious Calming Chews, and a relaxing Bedtime Belly Rub and Tuck In to help lull her right to sleep.

Are you open for daycare on weekends?

Yes, we are open for daycare 7 days a week! However, we may close for daycare on certain holidays.

Do dogs ever get sick? If so, what happens?

While it is rare, dogs can catch colds and spread sickness just like kids do at child daycare and just like adults can at work or out with friends. Additionally, seasonal changes in temperature can increase the chance of sickness, just like in people. If we notice your dog displaying any symptoms or abnormal behavior, we will make her comfortable in private accommodations, and call you immediately. We may also take her to be examined by a veterinarian at your cost if we cannot get in touch with you but think further treatment is required for her well-being. This policy is explained in more detail on the “Doggie Dogmas” you’ll sign and agree to on the first day of drop off.

We have invested in air purification systems, which help eliminate airborne germs and bacteria. This extra measure, combined with our strict vaccination protocol and advanced cleaning standards, help prevent contagious viruses from ever spreading.

Vaccination records for all dogs are verified with your veterinarian to help ensure all dogs are up to date at all times.

Please remember that dogs, not facilities, spread germs. As with humans, the more they are around others and exposed to new environments, the higher the likelihood of establishing robust immune systems that will improve resiliency. While dogs can get sick from other dogs during daycare or a lodging stay (just like children at school and adults at work), the benefits gained from socialization and physical activity far outweigh the risks.

What happens during play time while it's raining, very hot or very cold outside?

We have a large indoor gym with wall-to-wall rubber flooring for those times when the weather doesn’t permit us to play outside.

Can I check in on my dog?

Of course! We can send pictures and you can also view our webcams to watch her playing in the group. You may opt for a one-one-one video chat session or view her personal webcam in one of our posh suites. You may also call, email or text us during her stay.  We’ll respond as promptly as possible.

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