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We’ve taken our dog to many different boarding places, and Social Pet is by far the best we’ve been to. Our pup always comes home happy, the crew knows and loves her, and best of all, the lobby smells great whenever you come in. Couldn’t recommend more!

— Addision Baker

Social Pet has been absolutely amazing for my two rescue pitties! It was recommended my by dog trainer as it’s been tough finding good lodging for them since they aren’t comfortable in big group settings. The staff is very knowledgeable and pays close attention to dog behavior, personality, and body language. They let my two have their own play session together to avoid negative interactions with other pups. Every time I drop them off, they’re super excited. And every time I pick them up, they’re calm and never seem nervous or like they need decompression time (as they do with other lodging facilities). The daily photos are amazing and the staff is so sweet and attentive. One of my pups came down with a bug during one of their stays and the staff went above and beyond to take care of him while I was out of the country! They took him to the vet, filled his prescription, and even stayed late so I could pick him up after hours. I seriously can’t say enough good things about Social Pet and would highly recommend them for all daycare and lodging needs!

— Erin Cea

Got my dogs nails trimmed and they did a PHENOMENAL job. I will be back and possibly looking into a bath for him next time as well…

— Ahmed Abu.

My dog, Cassie, is friendly but easily overwhelmed. I love this place for their structured play/break schedule that's perfect for my pup. Their included report cards are amazing, I love that I can check on my pup while I'm at work with the webcams (I get to see her play ), and the employees are endlessly friendly, kind, and welcoming. Definitely worth the money and I recommend it

— Kaelyn Alexander

We love taking our pups to Social Pet! I've never used a doggie daycare before nor ever lodged my pups. A few months ago I saw Social Pet was opening a new location near me and was thankfully able to attend the open house. We absolutely loved the facility, and the staff were all great. I made the decision to send my super anxious, shy pup to the daycare to test it out. I love that there are cameras so that I can check in and see how the day is going. I was so happy to see my skiddish, shy guy warm up to the staff and even sniff at the other dogs. We happily decided to have him go additional times to help him socialize and get some attention outside of the house. We have since added a puppy to the house and now have him also going to the daycare to make sure he's socialized and gets to use his puppy energy on fellow playful dogs (our other dog is getting older and not so playful anymore). I get so excited dropping both the boys off and letting them have a day of interacting with other pups and people. I love the report cards and pictures at the end of the day. The staff is always super friendly and patient with all my questions about how they did during the day. I love that I've seen my people-scared dog actually warm up to staff and ask for snuggles and pets. I haven't used their lodging, but if I ever need to I know I won't think twice about letting them stay there. I also love their little puppy party extras they offer and seeing the cute pics and activities.

Social Pet is worth it! In fact, my best Christmas present was that my love bought a daycare package for the boys to go more because he knows how much I love seeing them having fun there!

— Kasey

I cannot say enough about Daniel Henderson and team at the Northlake location. Lily, my Frenchie loves coming to Social Pet. The attention, love and care she gets is evident because she goes nuts in the car when we pull up in the parking lot. I love the report card I get where Lily looks like she is having the time of her life. The facility smells and looks ckean, the play areas are super nice and I always get my belongings back each time so the care they take is superb. I’ve been coming to Social Pet for a few years and loved Pineville location too but Northlake is closer to my home. Thank you Social Pet for making your facilities so nice ….. my Lily has a home away from home.

— Wendy Miranda

If you’re looking for daycare/boarding this is the place!!! I could go on and on about how amazing Social Pet is! It’s Milo’s home away from home and one of his favorite places to be. The staff is absolutely incredible and it’s clear my pup loves them too every time we walk inside. I feel so at ease leaving Milo there knowing he’s getting the very best care and all the extra love!

— Katie Maragni

This is not just a place to drop your dogs off for boarding. It’s not the type of place that just puts your dog in a cage most of the day.

They take care to have your dogs enjoy their time here. They spend a lot of time roaming around under the supervision of team members and with like sized dogs.

They have you bring your dog for a visit first for a reason—all the dogs have sweet temperaments and it’s a very safe environment.

I hate boarding my dog. Absolutely hate it. But I had to for Thanksgiving and she loved it. Highly recommend.

— Anthony

I looked at plenty of other options for boarding prior to picking an option and nothing I mean NOTHING compares to the professionalism and care of these employees . When you walk in it looks like dog heaven it smells amazing , the employees get personal with you from the start which is just so amazing ! Compassionate . My pup is 5 months and has had the absolute worst social anxiety it was a hassle getting him out the car ! But they made him the happiest I ever seen him in my entire life . The report card was too cute ! I’ve never seen him smile and look so alive and it has the cutest add ons like drinks and spa + fun and learning . I am amazed . I couldn’t be more happier . Wonderful wonderful wonderful . Look no more this is the place you need to treat you pup too . The grooming options as well are extensive I have so much more to say but I will let you see for yourself

— Prisca Avoki

Social Pet did an outstanding job caring for our pup! They were so intentional with sharing updates on how our dog was doing. They shared pictures of her and details on how her stay was going. You can watch the dogs outside on the online webcams. They make sure that all dogs are safe around the other dogs. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and intentional. They even gave her a bath and cut her nails. I felt confident that my Doberman would be well taken care of here and she definitely was! I highly recommend Social Pet!

— Marissa Silman

Our dogs love this place and are treated wonderfully.

— Mollie Schwam

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