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At Social Pet, we recognize that every pup is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of enrichment daycare groups, hand-selecting friends for your dog to play with (if that's what they like best!). When your dog attends daycare, they will enjoy a healthy balance of play, games, puzzles, and relaxing recharge time. We have both indoor and outdoor play areas so no matter the weather, your dog will get to romp and play in a safe environment.

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Our Daycare Groups

We conduct a structured evaluation on each dog's first day to get to know their personality and play style. This process allows our highly trained pet care team to place your dog with canine friends who share similar or complementary characteristics, all to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Small Group

Our small group daycare program instills positive behaviors, confidence, and good manners through games that reward obedience and focus, including fun agility courses, nose work, puzzles, training games, and more! A variety of dogs benefit from this program, including puppies who need to learn socialization skills, highly intelligent dogs who become easily bored, and adult dogs who prefer smaller groups. Your dog will play in a hand-selected group of friends doing exactly what he or she enjoys most!


Even if your dog prefers human interaction over canine friends, our loving pet care team will shower your pup with snuggles, belly rubs, and plenty of one-on-one time! Your pup’s day will be catered to his or her exact needs, and may include puzzle time, learning new commands, agility, nose work, and small group play, all mixed in with relaxing recharge time. We will provide just the right balance of play and rest for your pup so he or she leaves tired and happy!

Why Choose Social Pet for Daycare?

Our Enrichment Specialists work with our team to plan daily activities that are catered to the specific needs of each individual dog in our care. We are excited to welcome your one-of-a-kind pup into our one-of-a-kind program.


Our Enrichment Daycare activities are designed to work both brain and body to provide your pup with the crucial mental and physical engagement he or she needs as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our dedicated pet care team is always researching the most engaging games, puzzles, and activities to bring your pup the very best in daycare. Activities will change on a regular basis so that your pup never gets bored and always has a great time!


We understand that exhaustion is not the measure of a successful day of daycare. That’s why we provide a healthy balance of play and rest to all the dogs in our care. Our activities not only engage dogs bodies but also their brains! In between play sessions, pups will enjoy relaxing recharge time in their comfortable, climate-controlled accommodations. This balance helps your pup achieve a healthy mind and body!


Your fur baby means the world to you and we want to partner with you to give them the best care possible. As a part of your pup's stay, you will get photos sent to you on a regular basis so you know the activities they participated in, the friends they played with, and what they enjoyed doing most that day! Our pet care team is eager to create the best care plan for your dog and can guide you on what skills to practice at home, what toys and games to include, and how to truly maximize the benefit of the daycare experience.

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