Puppy Preschool

Our Puppy Preschool Package is a foundational learning program individualized to each puppy with the goal of building confidence and socialization skills by exposing them to lots of new experiences!


Real-life scenarios introduced through fun scavenger hunts, visiting new spaces and places with different sights and sounds, various floor textures, the bathing room, and more.

Sensory Experiences

Real-life scenarios in controlled environments that expose puppies to items such as umbrellas, hats, hoods, as well as sounds like a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, bouncing balls, kitchen sounds, and loud people.

Our Focus

1. Confidence

Establishing confidence is a key element to our program. Proper training brings out a dog's personality through confidence-building activities and positive reinforcement.

The Importance of Confidence
Most dogs are born to follow. Being a strong leader for your dog gives them the confidence to move forward knowing you have their back and will be there to protect them. Routines and consistency are key to your dog's success and confidence.

Confident Parenting
Consistently exposing your dog to a variety of stimuli that result in positive experiences is key to being the leader your dog needs.

2. Technique

Techniques learned in Canine Preparatory School promote positive interactions with other dogs and humans. Puppy Preschool is the perfect program to build a solid foundation through slow introductions and exposure to a variety of objects, noises, and people.

Technique in Practice
Name Recognition and Focus build the foundation of positive reinforcement and experiences. This process creates a bond with individual dogs that builds trust and increases their likelihood of success.

Build at Your Dog's Pace
We provide healthy challenges to help a dog progress through their program. Utilizing positive reinforcement helps your dog learn and rewards them for all their hard work.

3. Commands

Obedience and command work mentally stimulates and improves a dog's cognition, which adds to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Commands in Practice
Daily practice in different environments builds trust and confidence in your dog. Your dog will listen to you and will enjoy being a part of your family even more.

Commands You'll Learn

  • Name Recognition
  • Sit
  • Place
  • Down
  • Off
  • Loose-leash Walking

4. On-Leash Manners

Whether you are out walking in your neighborhood, going on a doggy date to a local restaurant, or having friends over to your home, give yourself the peace of mind that your dog will be the best-behaved dog in town. This helps keep a safe environment for your family, friends, and your dog.

A Well-Mannered Dog...
walks loosely on leash, sits, and places. Your dog will demonstrate self-control in the presence of common distractions, that include other dogs, pedestrians, road work, children, loud noises and more.

5. Crate Training

Crates should be a comfortable personal space and a safety tool. Dogs that are destructive can be crated to keep them safe from potential dangers (chewing cords, trash with dangers, etc.) They are also useful when potty training a new puppy!

Why Crate Train Your Dog?
Dogs should learn to be comfortable in a crate to ensure their safe transport or housing in case of an emergency.

A Cozy Getaway
Many dogs love their crate, especially when it is covered or in a common area where the family gather. It is their personal getaway, and when left open, many dogs will go to their den (crate) to unwind.

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