The Pursuit For Perfection

We approach pet care with an authentic desire to perform better tomorrow than we did today, even though today we are at our best.

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The Power Of Giving

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Social Pet was founded on the idea that quality pet care starts with caring, knowledgeable people who are passionate about enriching the lives of dogs and the relationships they share with those who love them. 

We feel a higher purpose to educate others about dog behavior, their individual dog’s personality and why it is so important that people understand all dogs are unique and should not be treated the same. A “normal” well-adjusted dog is not necessarily one that will play well with others for hours on end in a large 20+ dog pack. On the contrary, most dogs (over 60%) are too intelligent, active, and hungry for engagement to find long-term value in simply running around with other dogs. They deserve to interact with humans who understand this and respect their individual qualities that make them unique.     

The Power Of Giving

Our Values-Based Culture provides clarity. We ask: Does this new initiative, action or non-profit organization align with our values? If not, we don’t support it.

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We will communicate positively and clearly with each other and our guests.

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We will provide a consistent experience to our human and canine guests.

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We will demonstrate empathy in all communication.

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We will utilize knowledge of best practices to operate in the safest possible manner. 



We hold each other accountable to provide a safe, fun, and engaging experience.

Social Pet Hotel Giving Back

Giving Matters

Our people are #1, period. It seems expected that the average person would think “the dogs always come first” at Social Pet, but that is simply not possible. Our canine companions are 100% dependent on humans for basic needs plus the love and attention they deserve. To ensure the dogs remain top priority to our people, our people must consistently come first. We must focus on their engagement, education, emotional support, health, and well-being to further our vision for better dog care.  

The idea of giving back does not stop internally at Social Pet. It is part of who we are and the kind of organizations we choose to support. Dog centric non-profits as well as people and organizations that serve people are just as critical to the lives, health, and well-being of their dogs.

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